Friday, November 21, 2008

Something to Quench Your Thirst

This entertaining tag is from 'Sweet Nothings.' Let's have some fun as I answer questions from A-Z and pass it on to more blogger pals.

A.) Attached or single? — Blissfully attached.
B.) Best friend? — I have several: Connie E., Rachel E., Shiella C., and of course, my honey bunny, Nelson.
C.) Cake or pie? — Cake. Blueberry cheesecake, to be exact.
D.) Day of choice? — Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I Love weekends!
E.) Essential item? — My trusty Nokia mobile phone.
F.) Favorite color? — Sky blue.
G.) Gummy bears or worms? — The only difference is the shape. I'd say, both.
H.) Hometown? — Marikina City, the shoe capital of the Philippines.
I.) Favorite indulgence? — Books! Plus anything sweet.
J.) January or July? — January. It's in between the Christmas gifts and the beach season.
K.) Kids? — One daughter -- Zakeisha Kathley, my sole adorable little angel at the moment.
L.) Life isn’t complete without? — Faith in Jesus and the manifestation of our love for him.
M.) Marriage date? — December 16th
N.) Number of magazine subscriptions? - We only buy when we feel like it.
O.) Orange or apple? — Sunkist!
P.) Phobias? — It used to be spiders. I can't think of anything right now.
Q.) Quotes? — "I can do all things through him who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)
R.) Reasons to smile? — The smallest blessings that come my way.
S.) Season of choice? — We only have two here -- wet & dry. I choose dry.
T.) Tag 5 people - Arlyn, Isabelle, Alma, AJ & Azlina.
U.) Unknown fact about me? - I'm a hopeless perfectionist.
V.) Vegetable? — Lots!
W.) Worst habit? — Oversleeping when I have the chance.
X.) X-ray or ultrasound? - Ultrasound.
Y.) Your favorite food(s)? - Definitely Chinese and Japanese cuisine.
Z.) Zodiac sign — Libra

A yummy breather: Alma of 'Reach Beyond Your Limits' has given me The Lemonade Award.

More than just a mere portrait of a refreshment stand, such a thirst-assuaging award signifies the basic necessity in any strong or budding friendship -- a daily dose of Vitamin C, or "Communication."

Who needs more lemonade? I believe next in line is MsRay. She takes care of her readers without failing to show some TLC. Bottoms up!


Mel Alarilla said...

Very revealing answers that revealed so much of you. Thanks for the frank post. God bless.

Kate said...

Thanks for the visit, Mel. I was thinking of tagging you, but I noticed your blogs are just way too profound for this kind of thing. Hi, hi. Would you be willing to do one anyway in the near future? :-)

Joops said...

Hi Kate, thank you so much for linking me. I added you too.. I would also like to follow you but i guess you haven't activated yours yet...

Rose is so busy right now, maybe she'll visit you back later.. Have a nice day!

chubskulit said...

Hi kate, I have added you in my list already (bravejournal account).. thanks for the add! See you around, take care!