Monday, November 03, 2008

10 Reasons Why I Should Smile Today

1.) Halloween weekend was divine.
2.) I'm currently in a complex process of renewing my faith in God.
3.) Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.
4.) It feels dandy knowing I was able to help someone in dire need.
5.) Cetaphil is a miracle cleanser.
6.) Each day is an opportunity to start all over again.
7.) I'm a sucker for simple pleasures.
8.) My husband thinks I'm the sexiest thing alive.
9.) I won the lottery! (Just kidding.)
10.) The Smile Stone Award from Enchie.

With mirth, I flash an iridescent smile at the following famed bloggers who light up their readers' lives and the ruckus-filled blogosphere: Ria, Bingkee & Mel.


deeps said...

now, thats really sweet of you to bring smile into others' lives

bingkee said...

You're the one who always brings smiles to other people's lives....thank you so much for sharing this with me. I will post this as soon as I can.
God bless you dear---remember trusting God is not complex---it is just like having a "childlike" faith and trust in Him.

Kate said...

Thanks, Bingkee. You always brighten my day :-)

Anonymous said...

blessing does come in all shapes and sizes. i so agree with this.

ria said...

Thank you so much Kate youre a star! Luv ya ! xxxx

Hammed said...

Does cetaphil really work? Haha... I tried using Celeteque and I got pimples... So I'm back to using the harsh Master Eskinol, ang sikreto ng mga gwapo. Hehe. Let me know why it is a miracle cleanser! :D

Kate said...

You all deserve a bunch of smiles.

Ham: It does the job for me, and it replaced a very expensive product that I used for over a year. Haven't had any breakouts since. I like how my skin feels after every use (LOL! Sounds like an ad, but it's true).

hammed said...

Thanks for the convincing review hehe. I'll try it as soon as my face clears. :D