Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Battling Boredom

Life has dramatically changed.

For someone who couldn't live without regular long walks and sightseeing, you could say this 3-week-old bed rest might as well start to kill me. Being 7 months and sixteen days gravid, we all know the baby's not supposed to come out until the first week of September, but some complications might lead to premature labor if I stopped listening to my doctor and did things my way.

On the bright side, God has a very good reason for restricting me from leaving the house unless I need to see the OB-GYN or take some lab tests: I'm growing another human being inside of me, and it's our daughter, that's why I'm willing to miss a couple of parties and spontaneous adventure trips if it means not risking her life.

Hell, yes, I'm bored. But nothing will ever compare to the kind of happiness and contentment my little one would bring. Anyway, a month and a half more won't seem like forever as long as I have the laptop and a phone beside me. Thank goodness for technology! :-)