Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Top 5 Favorite Unusual Delights

Some folks eat bugs, some drink snake blood. The things I gorge on every once in a while aren’t actually the kind that will gross you out, only a tad odd, I guess (or maybe it's just the way I opt to have these staples).

5.) Powdered Chocolate & Milk Products
- Milo Energy Drink, Birch Tree & Anchor Milk, and at times, Coffee-mate. You ask, ‘What’s so weird about that?’ Well, I don’t really drink ‘em, I EAT ‘em. I’m hooked on consuming these powdered stuff without water. I still enjoy a cup of hot cocoa most of the time, but you can’t imagine the satisfaction that comes with eating it like it’s never meant to be mixed with aqua.

4.) Kentucky Fried Chicken With Gravy & Catsup - Don’t forget the coleslaw. The combination might look horrid to the finicky, but the hodgepodge of scrumptious world-famous chicken, light brown gravy, tangy catsup and coleslaw juice on a single plate always looks appetizing to me.

3.) Coffee With Heaps of Sugar - 3 tablespoons of sugar does the trick. I can’t help it. Diabetes fails to scare me.

2.) Lucky Me Sweet ‘N Spicy Pancit Canton - One pack ain’t enough . It always has to be a bit overcooked and served sitting on at least ¼ cup of water in a bowl. I never drain the noodles completely.

1.) Koko Kruch!!! - I could live on this for a whole day. Heck, I could live on it my whole life. I won’t ever complain if all I could have for breakfast, lunch, & dinner is this fab tasting cereal. It wouldn’t hurt to have it at midnight as well. I’ve been addicted to Koko ever since he hit the shelves.

Which reminds me, it's almost time to grab a snack. :-)