Kate Sy Cancio

My romance with writing began at the age of 6. I blame it on the book nerds on my mother's side of the family. The first paperbacks I ever laid eyes on were vintage novels about love, war and non-fiction masterpieces that taught me how written words have the power to instill ideas and change the world.

The moment I composed the bits and pieces of a wholesome kindergarten short story which drew a round of applause from my parents, I knew I could be a lot of things, but I definitely will always be a writer.

That very same passion for literature led me to take AB Mass Communications at St. Paul University in Quezon City, Philippines.
After graduation, I've been lucky enough to have worked as an FM Radio Traffic Reporter for a while. Eventually, I snagged jobs with a couple of magazines.

Through this blog, I share with you my selective thoughts, opinions, and journey as a driven writer and indefatigable dreamer. Each post is a fragment of what I've become since the day I learned I could create wonders with the pen, and what I'm becoming amidst the positivity, inspirations, lessons, and everything else that makes up life in my own awesome little universe.