Thursday, March 04, 2010

The First Filipina President Who Ever Earned Respect

Aside from the Liberal Party and its staunch supporters, the rest of the country languidly celebrated the 24th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution a week ago. I can't really blame the weary public for exhibiting an obvious lack of enthusiasm when we were supposed to commemorate the day the Philippines gained back its so-called dignity with vigor like we used to. The sense of hope the Filipinos thought they had eventually proved to be some sort of lame joke in the face of blatant corruption. This awful truth makes stomachs churn.

Now, I'm not pro-Noynoy Aquino, but I revere his mother for the courage she exemplified when we madly hankered for a figure who would boldly defy a tyrant in dire need of some uprooting. We may not have found what we were looking for after we successfully jettisoned martial law, nonetheless, I believe the lady lived her life free of debauchery, and inspired men and women across the world to stand up in a time of intimidation.

Here's my own little tribute to Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, a woman who once became a mother to an ailing state:

MOD Magazine, October 2009 (Click on the images to enlarge)