Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy About Feng Shui

I was on my way home from ama's (Chinese for grandma) place in Antipolo, Rizal, with my honey, mom and Zakeisha last night when we decided to grab something to eat at a nearby 7-Eleven. While ma and Nelson were paying for three sets of egg and pork tocino meals, I scoured the magazine stand for some useful reading, and laid eyes on this...

The Year of the Rat is slowly, yet inexorably making an exit. I've always been into Feng Shui, though I haven't really taken time to learn more about the traditional tactics in dealing with the various potent forces of the universe and align our ways of living with the natural flow of energy (as what Feng Shui concerns itself with). I just had to have the 2009 Feng Shui Magazine.

Predictably, the kid in me who always gives in to curiosity stayed up late until only a few pages were left to devour. I learned a thing or two before dozing off:

1.) Mirrors in the house should be sparkling clean and strategically situated. They stave off negative energy but it's always important to take note of what you see when you look at your reflection. If you stand in front of it and could barely see the lower half of your face, or if leaking faucets, a repelling mess, or sharp edges of furniture pointing at you are visible in the mirror, then you should consider hanging it somewhere else where the view's much more pleasant.

2.) I-Ching is an interesting way to attract good fortune. It involves tossing a coin six times, determining the frequency of the Yin and Yang, and referring to a table of trigrams and hexagrams for its meaning. I know, it's slightly complicated, but I'll definitely try it one of these days.

3.) The clutter in your living room keeps positive energy from entering your home. It is highly advised to do a cleansing ritual after tidying up your humble abode with an array of options to choose from ranging from hand clapping to salt cleansing.

4.) Electromagnetic frequencies or EMF's (emitted from electronic devices such as PC's, microwaves and boob tubes) decrease melatonin production in our bodies. Melatonin is a hormone that helps prevent moodiness, depression and sleeping problems. Therefore, it's best for children to watch television from at least 3 feet away if you want to obviate emotional disturbance.

5.) The Year of the Ox will be fortuitous!

Arrgh! I'm such a sucker for Feng Shui right now, especially with 2009 looming. I'd appreciate it if you have anything to share.


Bingkee said...

My mom used to be a Feng-shui advocate, so does my cousin. But a few years trying to make prosperity work by proper living placements and positions, they realized that it's not about the house nor placement that brings success and prosperity to families but a deeper understanding of attaining what God really wants us to get and achieve.

Kate said...

I see your point, Bingkee. God IS greater than any lucky charm or furniture arrangement.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Kate,
I still feel that we should trust the Lord more than any system made by man. Chinese and other Asian countries including the Philippines are so steeped in superstitions that they could not rise above their superstitious ways. The Bible says, "by the fruits you will know the tree." What fruits do most of the Chinese who believe in feng shui and other system have to show for themselves. They just delve on the materialistic side of life like good fortune, good health and long life without any reference to righteousness and holiness. That is the reason why we have these melamine scare, the shabu laboratories and smuggled Chinese products that kill our own indigenous products. I have nothing against the Chinese. It is just their way of thinking and living. I hope you still join Filipinos Unite!!!. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Kate said...

Thank you, Mel. You're right. I shouldn't be carried away by this feng shui thing. After all, there's nothing in the bible that pertains to the necessity of such.

And of course I'm joining Filipinos Unite! :-)

Hammed said...

I wish I have something to contribute but I don't believe in Feng Shui. Hehe.

One thing I believe though is that we own our destiny- good or bad luck . Not sure whether totally or partially. But I think it boils down to this:

50% divine + 50% human = fate

Feng Shui is a hoax in my opinion. :D

Kate said...

Ham: Hmmm... I guess this is a sign. All comments so far are against feng shui. Seems like the Lord is veering me away from it.

Kate said...

On second thoughts, I think Feng Shui is mainly about coinciding with energy flow in harmony. Feng Shui actually means "wind-water."

You see, everything in this world vibrates at its own pace, and living in accord with unseen forces like energy has its own advantages. It's not really about superstition, which applies to "lucky charms."

Feng shui is to your home like yoga is to the human body. I believe there's no harm in wanting to leave peacefully and prosperously as long as you know in your heart that God has the ultimate power to make things happen.

MR. CHAP said...

Im trying to make my website more fung shui...

Of course God is everything, but it's fun to think that neat people have more fun ;)

later babe

Umma said...

I agree with Bingkee. I believe life is what you make it,no matter what you do to follow this feng shui thing but once you dont work hard, you'll never get there.

Ria said...

Im a sucker for Feng Shui it drives hubby mad lol. But Ive calmed down now, and dont do it as much, I guess most of it is common sense.