Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Okay, Okay! I Was Hibernating

I know I've been gone for more than 3 months. And the reason behind the hiatus is, surprise!!! -- I'm 27 weeks gravid. Here's the proof: (Sorry, I don't have a lot of pregnancy pictures at the moment.)

At a quaint family gathering...

Pregnant women usually go through changes. Save for craving black forest cake every now and then, the hormonal ebbs and flows have really taken a toll on me and I felt like shutting the rest of the world out until I was ready to take on the universe once again.

Kudos to my husband for braving the waves brought about by this second miracle.

Regardless of the tides, I'm in bliss...

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Drawings Mean a Lot

From left: Mommy Lola, Papa, Mama, Zakei, & Cousin Clark

Zakeisha Kathley drew this a couple of days ago. When I ask her what the huge letters on the upper right corner mean, she says, "family." Now, who am I to burst her bubble over something too trifling for a four-year-old, like spelling? I already taught her how to spell it right, though. She must really like symbols and hidden meanings.

My mischievous princess has been doodling quite a number of this sort since the day she found out how a pencil works. There are at least 20 more of her family drawings which I've kept in a safe place. I stuck most of her posters near Nelson's and my work station. So, on days when we're inclined to spend hours beating deadlines and thinking of extra ways to make ends meet, when supposedly free time is consumed by nerve-wracking overtime work and there's hardly a chance to play, all mama and papa should do is glance at those works of art, and remember that what matters most to their precious Zakei is her 'family.'