Friday, May 20, 2005


Blood-sucking is a vice. Posted by Hello

I was in the bathroom earlier this morning when I heard an odd screeching from a creature about three feet away from the door. My honey who was outside asked me to take a peek, and there he was dangling a live bat by its wings at 6 a.m. He says he found it in the backyard crawling down a levee.

The poor thing looked friggin' scared. I never saw a bat upclose before and I had this eerie feeling coinciding with sympathy. I pitied the animal and abhored it at the same time. Sort of like seeing dracula in the form of a tiny mouse that can fly.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Art of Losing Money

I'm a huge spender -- that I can't deny. Then again, maybe it's sheer exaggeration to purport that I expend too much on the basic necessities. I tend to overrate myself, especially when I'm BROKE. Besides, I don't even know how to splurge a whacking amount of money at one sitting. And I honestly think purchasing a top that costs more than a thousand bucks is pure evil.

There are a couple of things that I direly need right now, like a posh house and lot, a two-door fridge, an ultra-low radiation microwave, and a sophisticated home theater system. How the hell do you get those in a year with a 4-figure salary?!

Seriously, I never expected my life to turn around in an awkward manner. One minute you don't give a toss about electricity bills, then suddenly you're the one who's actually paying 'em the next. Whoa, look ma, I'm all grown up now. :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What the?

Gasp! Posted by Hello

Don’t tell me you weren’t surprised to find out what’s keeping Tom Cruise busy these days. The flabbergasting hook-up made everyone's jaw drop over the weekend when news broke out that Nicole Kidmans ex-hubby is romancing Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes. They’re both on Hollywood’s A-list, and drop-dead gorgeous, plus, you can’t deny there’s something odd about the relationship it had to make headlines.

...Well, I guess it’s just the ‘Cruise’ factor. Every little thing he does is magic.

In an interview with Seventeen Magazine a couple of months ago, Katie confessed she’s been fancying Tom since she was a kid and even dreamed of marrying him someday. Now, that’s cute.