Friday, February 04, 2011

Phone Talk!

As frivolous as it may seem, most Filipinos are crazy for mobile phones. And I'd be a hypocrite if I say I'm not one of them. I love checking out shops to see the latest models and saving up for whatever catches my fancy. It's not an obsession, I just happen to marvel at technology and it's fast-paced evolution.

These days, I'm currently hooked on my Nokia X6 8gb (Symbian 60 5th Edition).

It got me enslaved to searching for and downloading apps which have turned into daily necessities like:

1.) Free-iSMS - Cool message threader. We all know Nokia's still stuck with the same ol' boring SMS system. This one does the magic.

2.) Resco Photo Viewer - A systematic photo album that organizes photographs and keeps them where they should be. It offers file options that make photo viewing a pleasurable experience.

3.) Scalado PhotoRama - Allows you to take panorama pictures sans the hassle.

4.) Nimbuzz & Socially - The social networking applications you can't live without.

5.) Pixelpipe - Enables you to upload photos, videos, audio & text files to over a hundred destinations, including Facebook.

But what got me really spellbound with my unit is this...

I got SPB Mobile Shell 3.7.2 installed on my X6!
SPB Mobile Shell is a highly customizable (and laudable) user interface. It has two types of home screens, Lifesytle & Professional, that provide up to 5 pages each -- which means 10 glorious home screens that you can navigate through just by flicking up, down, left and right.

 The widgets, the layouts. You can personalize every bit of it.

I can reach my favorite contacts at a touch.

If you want to revamp your ordinary Symbian touchscreen phone, this is the best software there is at the moment (check your phone's compatibility first, though). It's got all you need and more...

The program runs smoothly and acts as if it's inherent to the main operating system. A word of caution to phone-freaks: It's quite addictive to the point that it made the hubby jealous. To the geniuses at SPB Software -- Bravo!

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