Monday, February 07, 2011

The Best Kare-Kare So Far

Sunday is 'Get Physical Day.' We're really into exercising together as a family. We either jog or walk around wherever our feet would take us. Sometimes even my mom comes along. The Marikina Sports Plaza is one of our favorite destinations where we sweat all of the previous week's stress off. You can find lots denizens trying to lose the extra pounds on the large oval track on weekends. It feels so darn good to live in a healthy city.

In 2009, after a very satisfying and relaxing workout, we decided to have dinner at Nid's Balot sa Dahon. It's located almost right across the plaza, hence, it's hard to miss.

The resto's interiors give off a native, homey ambiance.

We ordered Pork Sisig and Sinigang na Baboy. Since then we never craved for anything else on Sunday evenings.

Saturday is either 'Date Night' or 'Malling Day,' or both. After strolling at the Blue Wave Mall in the afternoon of the 5th, we had one of our Nid's Balot sa Dahon top picks, the scrumptious Kare-kare! A day earlier than the usual, but what the heck? We eat what we want, when we want it.

Oooops, my second cup of rice (grins). Yes, you get to eat on banana leaf laid on a rattan plate. Downright Pinoy.

Simot sarap!

Nothing beats filling up on Philippine cuisine.


I-Love-Hate-America.Com said...

We love our own food and it's absolutely delish to our palate....but a lot of people from other lands don't Filipino food delectable and we wonder why...I think it's because of our presentation.
Anyway, the pics of the food you posted make me drool....yum!

Enchie said...

I wanna try this Kate. Thanks for posting will look for the resto when I visit Marikina.