Sunday, November 07, 2010

Meet the Newest, Cutest Catholic!

Remember Henri & Rolyn Fernandez? Mis amigos recently threw a Ladybug-themed Christening Bash for their 6-month-old Kyra Leigh at The Oasis, following a jovial ceremony at the Santuario de San Jose. Her Cuteness got baptized into Christ in style.

The baptism

Looking so demure in her mom's arms

Kylie officially joins us Christians!

Girlfriends for life & Kylie's trusted titas. Ayesha (far left) is one of her Godmothers.

The Fernandez family with comrades and some of the Godparents strike a pose at the church.

The celebration

High school gang + the kids

Congratulations, kiddo! Welcome to the Christian world!

Of course, the day ended with buckets of fun...

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