Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Girl Crush: Got One?

WARNING: I'm not a lesbian (although I love gays).

I admit I used to wonder if finding a person of the same sex attractive connotes a hint of homosexuality. Yes, our very own conservative Philippine culture dictates that liking which involves physical attraction must lead to wooing (hmmm... do the kids of today know such a word existed?), which then leads to loving, and finally, to marrying.

The strict requirement that this liking process should only be between a male and a female and never between individuals of the same sex is also foisted upon us traditional Filipinos. But then, I won't pretend that I don't live in a world that sees an abundance of same-sex relationships, or that I didn't go to an all-girls college where scads of students broke the rules.

However, when a straight girl likes another girl and thinks she's extremely awesome, checks out her on-line photos every once in a while, and becomes more interested in her life than she usually is in anybody else's, it's never a sign that she has bisexual or homosexual tendencies. Unless there's some sort of sexual attraction going on, it's a totally different story. I believe most women have girl crushes and it's perfectly natural. The emotionally mature openly confess, while the ones struggling with insecurities try to deny.

Females who admire other females for their sexiness, brilliance, or status in life sans the urge to make love to them are guilty of having just that -- a girl crush.

Here's proof that I'm also human. My top 5 girl crushes at the moment (yeah, they evolve):

5.) Angelina Jolie - This woman could've easily been the reason why the word 'girl crush' had to be coined in the first place. She's a symbol of beauty, class, benignity, and strength.

4.) Eva Mendes - You always wish for what you don't have. I was born with pale complexion and I'm amazed by girls who can flaunt their au naturel golden tan. Eva just glows in her skin.

3.) Thalia Sodi - Also known as Mrs. Tommy Mottola, this multi-talented Latina has a smile that can light up a whole astrodome. I like her wit and charm.

2.) Ruffa Guttierez - She definitely exemplifies the saying "30 is the new 20." The former Miss World Second Princess looks even more stunning than she did 10 years ago.

1.) Namie Amuro - I bet you've seen her in the Coke Zero ad. This Japanese doll got me listening and dancing to 'Wild' for the nth time. Namie puts the 'hip' in hiphop.


Rachel said...

I used to have a really huge girl crush on KC Concepcion and Megan Fox. Now its Georgina Wilson and Minka Kelly :)

Kate said...

@Rachel: Used to have one on Megan, too. I think every other girl I know digs her. She's a phenomenon.

bingkee said...

I don't have a girl crush....never did....but I love hanging out with beautiful people because it makes me feel like their beauty can be infectious to me.....nakakahawa ang beauty nila sa I look beautiful na rin when I am with them.
When I see a beautiful girl, I always try to imagine what would it be like her.....but that's it....more like an "idol" for me, not a crush.

Kate said...

@Bingkee: And you're one of my blogging idols, Bingkee! :-)