Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Blew My Fuse

Anger is a gift, a potent fuel that could either make you reek of revenge and self-deteriorate or channel your strengths and creative juices into a force a notch higher than anger itself -- change. What I've noticed among most successful folks is their dynamic affinity with the emotional boiling point at a certain stage in their lives. They were dissed by the others, mocked, put down, betrayed, and their remarkable response to what the world has brought upon them eventually led to the birth of new perspectives. In a roaring attempt to prove the "bad guys" wrong, they commit themselves to a lifetime of achievement.

A great catalyst, indeed, anger shouldn't be depicted as a mammoth conduit for rampant annihilation. If there's one thing that can turn your anger into a futile whiff, it's none other than hate. Hate leads you to a lot of sinning and leaves little or no room for positive occurrences.

Despite the personal progress I've made which stemmed out of pain, I have yet to master the art of molding anger into a compelling ally in all my pursuits. Yes, the world is apodictically replete with bitches and bastards of various sorts, and when I feel like retaliating in a snap, I constantly remind myself of the power of winning slowly but surely.


Hammed said...

Excellent post, Kate. I was about to add this concept to my latest post but decided otherwise. If hurt, one should resort to anger rather than self-pity. The latter is futile and self-degenerating; the former can lead to, as you mentioned, change!- a better you hopefully.

Kate said...

Thanks, Ham! I missed your comments :-) Glad you can relate.

bingkee said...

For me , anger is not sin. It is an emotion. It can become a sin when anger leads you to hold a grudge, retaliate or be destructive to others. Jesus became angry too. God becomes angry when people sin and disobey. But He is quick to forgive when people ask forgiveness and repent.
Anger at your children is good rather than tolerating their behavior. But we must be careful not to let our anger grip us for too long and last another day.
Because anger when stewed in the heart becomes heavy and burdensome. That's why we must be quick to forgive and forget.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Kate,
Anger is a negative emotion that we should avoid at all cost. The only anger that is not sinful is righteous indignation as exhibited by the Lord when He drove the sellers at the temple. All other anger are displeasing to the Lord. You may want to see my post on the antidote to anger which is the eloquence of silence. Thank you so much for the post. God bless you always.