Sunday, October 26, 2008

Honored for the Nth Time

On October 20th, 2008, Monday, a British-Filipina named Ria bequeathed two fab, schmab awards to me:

Hence, I culminate a laid-back Sunday by expressing my zealous appreciation to an excellent blogger, and pass on the Brillante Weblog Award to Ham, who rightfully deserves it, and the I Love You This Much badge to my good pals, Enchie, Isabelle and Bingkee.

Gotta get back to the Land of Nod. I still have a wicked hangover from a booze session at a bud's swanky bridal shower (Watch for the next equally dazzling post). Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)


hammed said...

Oh Kate, I am honored. Thank you very much for the award. Much appreciated. :)

bingkee said...

Hi Kate, thanks for this tag....I love you this much too

Momachie said...

thanks kate!

Scribbling Angel said...

Thanks, Sweetie!