Friday, August 15, 2008

Connie Got Hitched

It's affirmative: One of my best pals has just hopped into the marriage bandwagon. Connie Eugenio met Archie Gonzales on a luxury ship where they both worked. They dated on board for almost two years before the lucky guy decided to try his luck at proposing.

I must admit I didn't expect my yellow-freak girlfriend to succumb to the promise of marital bliss as she was one of the few who found such arrangement intimidating. But here they are now, happily moored to each other by spanking new wedding vows...

Two down, two more to go! (From left to right): My daughter, Zakeisha, My husband, Nelson, yours truly, Anne Canuto, Sherwin Javier, Archie Gonzales, and initially ambivalent bride Connie Eugenio-Gonzales

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