Monday, July 14, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!

It's Dhabong who gets bowled over this time. :-)

Rolyn Sac, the beauteous lass in a white top and an old friend of mine, is finally tying the knot with Henri 'Dhabong' Fernandez (the smashing sole chap in the main photo) in November. Talk about a flabbergasting proposal -- She came home on an unassuming night and found red rose petals in her bed, followed the trail from her bedroom all the way to the terrace on the third floor, looked up to see the most quixotic fireworks in the velvet sky, then looked down and laid eyes on the words 'Will you marry me?' spelled out with white candles on the austere street. Indeed, a stupefying way to culminate a seven-year relationship.

A few weeks ago, Rolyn decided to give her honey a similar treat by throwing a surprise birthday bash for him at her crib. As usual, no partyphile went home somber.


Sarah said...

hey, bakit wala si ate? hehe.

Kate said...

Shiella couldn't make it. Uber busy :-)