Thursday, March 17, 2011

The First Lost Tooth

Zakei was initially in denial. As a good 5-year-old kid who regularly brushes her teeth twice a day, the loose tooth came as a big shock to her. She cried when she realized it was just one of those things she couldn't mend with a glue (although she did attempt to do it with Elmer's). 

Then came the acceptance phase. Mama convinced her that it's actually a pleasant thing. Her pretty baby pearly whites will soon be replaced by a stronger and even more gorgeous set. 

I remember when I was six, every time this happened, I'd refuse to go to the dentist and have fun twisting my tooth around the whole day, then by bedtime I'd be holding it in my hand, admiring the milky incisor or molar that's been with me for a very short time. Oh, childhood. Things change every now and then in such a jiffy. But I'm glad I have teeth that never needed any serious type of dental treatment. I hope the same goes for Zakei.

Congratulations on losing your first tooth, sweetheart! Mama loves you :-)


Anonymous said...

hi kate!!! miss you friend!! :) natuwa ko na search ko yung blog mo.. then, pag wala ko gingawa binabasa ko sya.. Dalaga na si zakie.. :) keep in touch.. mwah!

Philippine Wedding Resources said...

Don't worry kid :)