Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mr. Cancio's High School Reunion

Nelson reunited with his high school gang at the zany Quezon City High School (Q.C.H.S.) Batch '96 Christmas Party held at Ten 02 Bar. The well-trodden venue is owned and operated by none other than popular '90's ska icon Myra "Skarlet" Ruaro of Put3ska.

Reunions are fun because almost everyone doesn't end up the way you expected 10 years ago. The former class nerd shows up as an ├╝ber successful lawyer, the ex-school heartthrob as a jobless freeloader, and the quondam wall flower as a thriving disco diva by night and CEO by day.

As for Mr. Nelson Cancio, his tagline that evening was 'erstwhile silent geek-turned-hunky graphic designer.' Naturally, I was his date.

Perfect with beer!

They played Pinoy Henyo, Quazo style.

And took some more pictures...

Their batch had a month-long on-line logo making contest in search of their official emblem to be used for various merchandise and upcoming events. The votes were tallied and a winner was announced towards the end of the night...

Congratulations, hon! I'm so proud of you!

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Anonymous said...

ei Kate, ARVY 'to hehe,, nag-anonymous lang ko kc wala naman ako account dito.. musta mo ko kay nelson na lang ah... miss u both!!!