Sunday, December 21, 2008

On a Sunday Mawnin'

Since I've been sick for two friggin' days, I missed the company Christmas party where the TV production crew and the big bosses had a one-night-only bottomless booze session at the Hard Rock Café in Makati. Isn't that the bummer of all bummers in a season of countless bottles of beer and merriment? Anyway, there's obviously more to come, so I ain't moping.

Hmmm, I've noticed this blog has got way too many widgets it's starting to lose its personal touch. Eventually, I'm dissing some page elements that only brag about my stats and slow down the page load time. The reason this site was born out of boredom in 2005 in the first place was that the author direly needed to vent out nagging thoughts and hovering opinions and document indispensable memories as they come along, not to showcase how many stalkers I've accumulated. I'm not implying I hate the visitors. You're always more than welcome to snoop. :-)

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