Monday, September 29, 2008

Good to See You Again, Mates!

Cousin Nicky and Aunt Lalaine have just flown in from Down Under! This means lots of trips in and out of town, great food and serious bonding for two whole weeks. Most of my mother's family have migrated either to the land of the free or Australia, and it's been decades since they've come back for a visit, though some of them have done routine flights to their homeland every four years or so. 

We checked in at the cozy Holiday Inn Galleria for three days and three nights, shopped till we dropped at the busiest malls in the city and went restaurant hopping like crazy. The best thing is the chocolate stash that's inevitable whenever they're in Manila (I have got to watch my weight).

Yesterday, the Aussies left for Ilo-ilo with my mom. They'll be back on Saturday with fellow Aussie relatives, uncle Alexis and Grandma Medina... and the fun resumes! Too bad my sister Karla has to be left behind in Adelaide.

The view from our suite

Post devouring lunch at Freska, Greenhills

Hour-long strolls

Gorgeous cousins reunited

Life is even sweeter

Ready for another long, yet exhilarating day
From left to right: My hubby, Nelson, my sister, Karyll, the author, my daughter, Zakeisha, my mom, Arlette, Cousin Nicole, Aunt Lalaine, and my brothers, Krissanto & Kristofer

Trivia: Did you know that most shops in Australia close at 5 p.m.? As we were waiting to be served at an ice cream restaurant at the 3rd most colossal mall in the world, Nicole turned to face me and asked, "What time is it?" I said, "It's 5:30. Why?" Then she smiled and beamed, "Oh, that's why I had the feeling that it (the mall) should close!"

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5 pm??? geez... that's the time i normally would go to the mall. haha!